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Sermons for Safe Streets


Join religious leaders of every faith from across the country to commemorate World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims. Sadly, the epidemic of traffic crashes is one that unites us all. Over 100 Americans are killed every single day in a traffic crash and millions more are injured each year.

Sermons and other programming of all faiths across the country, will address this public health crisis, offering an opportunity to join the United Nations and cities around the world in memorializing those who’ve been killed or seriously injured – and in calling for safe streets.

Imagine if all peoples and all religions come together to pray for a day when there are no more senseless deaths and injuries due to reckless driving. All faith leaders can use their pulpits, prayers and programming to remind communities it is up to each and every one of us to eliminate traffic fatalities. In this uniquely difficult year, we have learned that we are all responsible for each other. We must:

  • slow down
  • pay attention and
  • support solutions that save lives

These sermons can literally save lives!

View our Sermon for Safe Streets Faith Leader Kit including sample sermon snippets, religious references, statistics, collective prayers, resources and more.



Sermons across the country, of all faiths, will address the public health issue of traffic fatalities and serious injuries, offering congregants the opportunity to join the global community in memorializing those who’ve been – and in calling for safer streets.


The third Sunday of each November is World Day of Remembrance, a United Nations initiative with commemorations taking place around the globe. Sermons and other programming can take place during that week and/or any other.

Why Sermons?

People listen to you! Faith leaders can use their pulpits and powerful voices to memorialize those who’ve been killed and to remind entire communities that it is up to each and every one of us to make sure there are no more deaths in traffic, that we are all responsible for each other and must slow down and pay attention.

Does it have to be a sermon?

No. We encourage you to raise this important issue in any way you can. These resources can be used for community events, children’s programming, adult education and more. Please feel free to share our content in your community newsletters and/or other communications — and in all the powerful work you do.

Who suffers from reckless driving?

Everyone! Drivers. Passengers. People who use bicycles, motorcycles, scooters and other micromobitilty. People just standing on the sidewalks and sitting on benches. Some may think this movement is only about saving pedestrians and cyclists. Countless drivers and passengers are killed each year too. Reckless driving affects us all!

Is this connected to specific policies?

Sermons for Safe Streets is a non-partisan effort. This is a World Day of Remembrance, commemorated around the globe by people of all faiths, all affiliations and all political views. It is a day we find unity in mourning preventable deaths and praying for no more. Sermons will empower all individuals to slow down, take more care, be more conscious and ensure no more families know the pain of having a loved one stolen from them by a reckless driver.

What goes into a Sermon for Safe Streets?

Download our comprehensive faith leader kit including statistics, religious references, sample sermon snippets, collective prayers, online resources and more. Families for Safe Streets chapters may also be able to assist faith leaders in obtaining local crash/fatality statistics or offer a guest speaker who has been personally affected by this issue. We are here to help!

How Can You Help?

Send your ideas!

We welcome input from religious leaders and thinkers on verses from sacred texts and other religious references for the sample sermon kits. Please send them to

Spread the word!

Encourage faith leaders to participate in Sermons for Safe Streets — and share contacts with us for interfaith coalitions, denominational umbrella groups and others who can encourage each congregation to devote some or all of their sermon on World Day of Remembrance weekend to this public health issue.

Register Your Participation!

Let us know that you participated. Whether an entire sermon, a special program or even just a mention of World Day of Remembrance, let us know. Please complete this form.

Photo by Evan Semón Photography for Denver Streets Partnership